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when we first took a look at the Nokia XX aka the Nokia 6.1 plus. we were pretty impressed with the phone and now it's finally here in India where it takes on. the redmi note 5 throw the me to the zenfone max pro and a lot of other phones so does the nokia 6.1 plus stack up against the competition but let's find out. hey guys I am Akshay from b-bomb comm and this is that Nokia 6.1 plus. review I've been using this phone for about a week now and I've got a fair idea of whether. you should buy it or not but before we take a look at this phone how about you. the Bell I can to get notified every time we post an awesome new video also this video has been brought to you by Bank Bazaar. your one-stop solution for all your banking needs including credit cards and more. I'll talk more about Bank Bazaar at the end of the video so stay tuned for that now then let's get started. so this here is the Nokia 6.1 class or the Nokia x6 it's basically the first nokia phone with a notch and right. of the bat it's a rather nice looking phone if you're ok with the not it looks and feels premium with its glass back and front and in this black color. the back looks really really nice that's it the way this camera is placed. has one issue for me the fingerprint scanner is pushed down quite a bit and that means.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review 

I end up tapping my finger on the camera I've gotten used to it but it can get infuriating if you have large hands this will be even worse for you by the way anyway build wise. the phone feels pretty good and I've actually dropped it once and it doesn't have any bumps or scrapes oh that's definitely great. and it's what we expect from a Nokia phone after all coming back to the front. yes there's a knot and while I'm not really a fan of the notch I think it's good that Nokia at least went for the small notches. so kudos to a chain be global for that I guess there are also all the usual buttons here. there's a power button and volume rockers on the side which are coated black and looked really good. they only look good though because they are really mushy and pressing. them is just annoying on the port front there's the headphone jack on top which is always nice to see along with the USB C port on the bottom. which is also pretty great because a lot of phones in this price range off to go for a micro USB like the redmi note 5 pro just saying other than that the phone has a glass back but there's no violence charging. here not that I was expecting it but it would have been cool right there's also no NFC but again that's not something phones. in this price range come with overall I'm pretty happy with the design and the build. here I mean its compact its sturdy and it just feels very well built anyway coming to the display. the Nokia 6.1 plus comes with a 5.8 inch full HD plus LCD display and honestly. it's a pretty good display it gets decently bright even though it's not the brightest display out there. and it can get extremely dim sunlight visibility is okay but in every other situation the Nokia 6.1 touch display. is pretty great colors look good here the viewing angles are certainly nice and it doesn't have any of that color shifting stuff that happens with AMOLED panels I did notice that the display tends to lean towards cooler color tones and that's highly noticeable in places like settings where there's a lot of white space it's something that can be easily fixed but the phone doesn't have an option to adjust the colors of the display overall the display here is nice and crisp the colors look good and I don't have any complaints with it oh the cameras in a first impressions of the Nokia e6 Rupesh mentioned how the cameras just look decent and while I think that the Nokia 6.1 Plus has improved upon the cameras a bit it definitely does not defeat the competition the Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with a dual 16 megapixel plus 5 megapixel rear camera with support for portrait mode I took some pictures with the Nokia 6.1 plus and its main competition the redmi note 5 pro and the me too let's take a look in daylight the nokia 6.1 plus takes these in pictures as you can see everything here looks pretty good right the colors are nice and the photos turn out pretty good however if you compare for those on the nokia 6.1 plus the redmi note 5 pro and the me too it can be seen clearly that both of the xiaomi phones handle colors a lot better than the nokia 6.1 plus in low-light things start to fall apart for the nokia budget form take a look at these photos while the nokia 6.1 plus definitely tries to capture quite a bit of light.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Camera

it usually messes up the focus and adds a bit of noise to the photos comparing the nokia 6.1 plus to the redmi note 5 Pro and the me too it's easily observable that the redmi note 5 pro and need to easily beat this phone the Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with a portrait mode on both the front and the back and in good light the phone takes some teasing looking porta jobs however in comparison with the redmi note 5 flow and the mere - it can be seen that the nokia 6.1 plus doesn't get details quite right in quoted shots if you move to low-light things just fall apart portrait mode shorts from the Nokia's exponent 1 plus have a lot of noise in low light as you can see in these photos in terms of videos the no here's experiment first comes with support for shooting 4k videos and supports GIS that's pretty great because the redmi note 5 pro can't shoot in 4k i tried shooting a video with the nokia 6.1 plus and while the EIS is decent at keeping things stable I did notice that video sometimes had a lot of the trademark he is shaking on the front the Nokia 6.1 plus features a 16 megapixel selfie shooter and there the story is a mixed bag I feel like the Nokia 6.1 Plus comes up with photos that show more natural colors however it does fall behind when it comes to the details it captures both the redmi note 5 pro and the mir to take more detailed selfies than the nokia 6 1 1 plus normally that's all there is to the cameras but the nokia 6.1 plus comes with it's very own variation of an emojis or should I call them Nomo geez I don't know currently there is only one available an emoji on the nokia 6.1 plus but the thing is while it is obviously nowhere near as good as the iPhone 10 it's much better than those ridiculous AR emojis that Samsung has been trying to give us with its flagship so I guess kudos to no pay for that overall the cameras on the nokia 6.1 plus are just not good enough there are better camera phones out there and personally I don't think I'll buy the Nokia 6.1 plus for the cameras the me a2 and the redmi note 5 pro are much better in that regard anyway moving on to the performance of the Nokia 6.1 plus the phone comes with a Snapdragon 636 SOC paired with 4 gigs of RAM and it's running stock Android Audio which should translate to good performance it's pretty much the same spec sheet as the redmi note i pro and .

Nokia 6.1 Plus Processor

that shows in benchmark in real world usage i found that the nokia 6.1 plus doesn't face any issues apps launch fast and the phone can handle multitasking easily in my week-long use of the I think it's a pretty great device I mean I did observe it lag once with the YouTube app but I was never able to reproduce that problem so I don't think it's something to worry about in gaming - the phone is good in pub G mobile the game sets to low by default which is expected with the Snapdragon 636 however the gameplay itself is really smooth I've played over 10 to 15 pub G matches on this thing and not once have I noticed a lag or any issues even in intense gunfights it's just great so yeah I think I can safely say that as far as performance goes this phone has not let me down and I don't think it will like I said the phone comes with stock Android and personally I find that to be a great thing however since this here is stock Android there aren't any additional features unlike the Nokia X 6 which was running the China on the Nokia 6.1 Plus with stock Android doesn't come with pace and law for navigation gestures which are some features I have come to expect from all phones these days having said that since this is an Android 1 device if we get major Android updates for two years and security patches for three years so that's definitely great on the battery front the phone comes with a 3060 mAh battery which is a lot less than the redmi note 5 pro's 4000 mAh powerhouse honestly even I was worried that this battery might not be good enough for the 5.8 inch display on this phone but I was wrong in my usual workload which includes browsing on Chrome going through Twitter playing a game or two a pop G mobile and the usual whatsapp and Instagram usage the phone lasted me well over a day regularly starting from 100% I consistently got a screen on time of 4 to 5 hours which is awesome and I love however when I try to use the phone intensively playing a lot of games clicking a lot of pictures and watching a ton of YouTube videos the phone barely lasted through the day now it's not my usual way of using a phone but if it's how you use your smartphone you'll have to carry the charger long speaking of the charger the nokia 6.1 plus supports fast charging and it really does charge up pretty quick in my testing I found that the phone took around 1 hour and 40 minutes to go from temples into a full hundred-person battery that's not the fastest charging speeds obviously but on the bright side the Nokia 6.1 plus does go up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes so that's great and it means that in case of an emergency you can just plug in the phone for a while and get quite a bit of screen time with the Nokia 6.1 plus well that's pretty much it about the Nokia 6.1 Plus which brings me to the most important question is this the new phone to buy for rupees 16,000 or should you buy the redmi note 5 probe it starts at appease 15,000 or the me a2 which is priced a trapeze 17,000 let me put it this way if you want a good looking device without a big camera bump stock Android good performance a headphone jack USBC a pretty impressive display and a battery that can last long the Nokia 6.1 plus is worth look however if you're okay with living a life without the headphone jack and you want better cameras and even better performance I would say get the me a 2 instead there's also the redmi note 5 pro which brings in better cameras and similar performance as the nokia 6.1 plus however it has micro USB and me why instead of stock Android. there's also the poco f1 if you can increase your budget to rupees 20,000 which brings unmatched value for money well if you're considering buying the Nokia 6.1 plus or the me 2 or any of its competitors Bank bizarre can make buying these phones with a credit card a lot easy well. you just download their app fill up some details like your contact information.


if you have any existing credit cards etc and then bank Bazaar shows a bunch of cards you can choose from you can pick whichever. one you like and apply for one with zero paperwork and that's it so what are you waiting for download the band Bazaar app right now from. the link in the description below well those were my thoughts on the nokia 6.1 plus and I think it's a pretty great phone if you can look past the cameras but what do you think will you be buying the Nokia 6.1 Plus. or will you be buying the me a2 or the redmi note fibro let me know in the comment section below also give this video a like and share it with your friends who have been looking to buy a new budget smartphone lastly subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos that's me signing off thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one you.
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