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If you're looking for a Samsung phone one. that will last longer than anything else in the segment a jack-of-all-trades then look no further the galaxy m38. that's it for everything else there are other options so there is the galaxy m38 review the short version now if you want to know more go ahead watch on hey guys a sheer frenzy for retag and. if you do end up liking what you see here please subscribe to see for e-tec and turn on notifications. we're heading that Bell icon let's now get this video started now while the battery life is. the most impressive feature on this phone it doesn't mean the rest isn't worth talking about in fact grams and thanks to. the curved edges and the even weight distribution the m3s feels Karuna and it doesn't feel like a bulky phone. that said if you squeeze the phone along the edges especially near the middle there is a bit of creaking.


Samsung Galaxy M30s

I suspect Samsung has used really thin plastic here to keep the weight down now moving on to the looks. well the gradient pattern it does look good as this is plastic though the back is prone to picking up scratches. Mudge's now this isn't uncommon in this segment because most phones. they do come with plastic bags right but Samsung happens to be one of the very few brands. that doesn't happen to include a case in the box so if you buy a m3s make sure you order the case along with it to help keep your m30 as free of scratches and smudges now I'm turning. the phone around let's talk about this display now this is an area where the m3s absolutely shines. we have a gorgeous six point four inch panel here this is a full HD plus AMOLED display the Infinity. you from Samsung has amazing contrast really vivid colors and of course there is white vinyl one certification the only complaint. that the times it's fine and I don't think I'm gonna be able to show. you this on camera since it's been pretty overcast here in Chennai it's been raining on the while. that's it for other things like binge watching Netflix scrolling through Facebook or enjoying any other forms of media the display. makes for an immersive experience overall despite the brightness not paying. the best I still feel this is one of the best displays in this price range Samsung has made no mention though of what class they've that starter while switching to. the multitasking menu and for the most part 1 UI 1.5 performed smoothly here and for the most part I said for the most part since there are occasional instances of little lags or micro status but. they are few and far between enough that they didn't really bother as much. the 4 64gb reveal keeping watch on battery life and temperatures at the same time. the Habra here is capable of handling graphically intensive titles like pub G and even Call of Duty mobile while the m3s is capable of handling games even some intensive titles. I still wouldn't recommend it Gaming is gonna be your main focus now I'm pretty sure none of you want me to go on and on about. one UI you heard it all before so I'm gonna keep this short it's based on an online pie with a promised upgrade to Android and some. where in the pipeline all the regular Samsung features are here and accounted for on top of that. we have an always-on display very useful m3s is a phone that just refuses to die even with. intense use it lasted as well into day two and with moderate usage I'm sure you could even. hey what's up guys will here for GSM marina Samsung has released plenty of mid-range phones throughout 2019 but if you're into great battery life you might look no further than the galaxy m36 thousand milliamp hour battery what else does I have to offer let's find out in an hour for review [Music] the m30 yes actually promises a significant upgrade over the previous model the m30 the overall design and display are the same but here you get a new chipset a higher res camera and of course a larger battery. 

Samsung Galaxy M30s Camera

which brings the M 30s up to the level of the galaxy a series like on many other mid-range phones reasons well there is a bit of glass over the camera module and it's pretty much flush with a back panel. so the phone won't wobble on a table with screen is the same as what you'd get out of many other. Samsung mid ranges this year it's a tall six point four inch AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution and a small notch at the top the quality is excellent with that great contrast you'd expect from an AMOLED good sharpness and competitive brightness we measured 440 minutes at maximum with a brightness slider and a boost up to 640 nits in auto mode when out in the Sun colors can also be quite accurate depending. on your color one of the slower ones around it feels like it reads you pretty fast but the screen takes some time to actually light up also the single bottom firing loudspeaker is easy to use once. you get the hang of it although you can use on-screen navigation keys as well one-handed use is quite comfortable as most of the interface is designed to be in reach of your thumb and one UI has a system-wide dark mode which should actually help a little bit with power saving thanks to the AMOLED screen. one of the upgrades the m30 s brings is the new Exynos 96 xi chipset it's built on a 10 nanometer process and offers better power efficiency and performance in the Exynos 7 9 o 4 in the previous model but the performance on the m30 wasn't too great to begin with in benchmarks the M 30s does a decent job on par. with or even better than the galaxy a 50 however there are more powerful alternatives in this price. range and this isn't a chip and thirty hours this is among the best we've ever seen unfortunately. we can't say the same for the charging speed the provided 15 watt charger was only able to bring the battery. from zero to 21 percent in half an hour an unfortunate mix of slow charging and large battery the 12 megapixel photos produced by the quad bear sensor are excellent with great sharpness impressive dynamic range and punchy colors.

Samsung Galaxy M30s

the photos are much better than what other Samsung out a bit soft but it still gets the job done and the processing looks quite good similar to the main camps portrait shots with. the main camera are quite nice if there's enough lighting you can get a good level of detail in a natural-looking skin tone and background separation is decent dynamic range just leave a bit more to be desired though. when the light goes down the main cameras good performance continues colors are punchy. and exposure is even highlights and light sources are handled pretty well - almost like there's an always-on HDR of course. there is some softness and visible noise but is quite alright for this price there is a night mode but it plenty of noise and narrow dynamic range these are quite soft as well there's no HDR processing or ned mode here selfies come out in 16 megapixels and they're just main camera this footage looks pretty nice with punchy colors good contrast low noise and wide dynamic range if you switch. to the ultra webcam the results aren't so great the footage shares in 1080p and it's super soft with narrow dynamic range at least thanks to the ultra wide cam you get super steady video stabilization. which works well so that's the galaxy m31 a phone with an excellent AMOLED display good camera performance and the best battery life that we've seen from Samsung it only costs 250 euros the m30 and definitely deserves a recommendation. it's only available through Amazon for now but we hope. to see it in brick-and-mortar stores in the future thanks for watching guys and see you on the next one you hi there this is Ranji that in this video let's do the review of the Samsung Galaxy M 30s and I know quite a few of you been asking about this one and now I've used this for almost about 10 days.

Samsung Galaxy M30s Processor

so I'll divide this review between pros and cons what do I like about it and what other wide and a 5 megapixel depth front-facing is a 16 megapixel and other specs are on the screen for your reference so let's quickly break it down between the pros and cons and first let's talk about the screen because it's an AMOLED screen and that's the main thing that you see and again as it's a Samsung screen as yes you have that knotch part again if you notice the screen quality is really good on this one I don't have any problems with this one so they didn't you are getting on this and even we have Dolby Atmos on this one and again in general day-to-day operations I did not notice any major lag on this phone guys as you can see it's running on the new one UI and still it's running on android 9 so yes it's supposed to get Android 10 but I don't ohmmeter process and I was saying general operations.


I did not notice much lag with this for yes I would saying notice a minor that about 5% of the time but guys I was spoiled before coming to this device I was using the ROG phone to had even the one plus seven people so I did notice minor lacs terms of performance this processor is actually much improved than earlier mid-range Exynos processors that we have so have no issues with that now moving to another thing is that I really like the fact that Samsung is allowing as this always-on screen as you can see as it's an AMOLED screen I appreciate and I did all my testing and also going to the here piece I like the fact that the earpiece is actually really good it's crystal clear on this one and during my almost 10 days of usage and none of the parties complained me about the call quality so that's actually nice but now when you talk about the speaker you just have a single speaker over here and I would say it's adequately loud but I wished it was slightly louder don't get me wrong it's not bad but at times I felt fine average speaker quality that you're getting and now if we talk about the 3.5 mm headphone jack it also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and I did let's do work.
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