Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Reviwe



so xiaomi has already been a busy beaver in 2021 spaffing out not only a spangly new flagship smartphone but also. the budget-friendly redmi note 9t which suddenly was a bit of a letdown compared with last year's xiaomi mi 20 lite but already xiaomi is looking to make amends on. that front with this absolute unit here. the redmi note 10 pro get you flying at least half mast now. the time i shot this unboxing video. i still don't know the official uk price of the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro that's all under lock-in key but. what i can do is take you on a full-on tour of the hardware. the software show you exactly what to expect and i'll be bringing you my full review very shortly and from. all that it's the greatest tech please do poke and ding that notifications condom case. this time with a frosted finish got a chunky ass user guide a proper beefy charging adapter and a bit of type c usb shenanigans so quite a generous little package now let's check out the phone now this right here is the onyx gray model of the redmi note 10 pro and i gotta say. it looks very smart and stylish.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Reviwe

i'm definitely liking the camera array even though it does form quite. the bump on the ascent of the redmi note 10 pro there's certainly a lot going on right now. i'll be exploring the camera tech in a bit but apparently it is both ultra and also premium and thankfully xiaomi has opted for minimal branding around. the back end they haven't done a poco and going crazy slapping logos about their anything just a dinky little redmi in the corner there the xiaomi spec sheet the only materials listed on the design were gorilla glass 5 but i reckon that's just. the screen because that back end certainly feels like plastic to me it's definitely got a bit of flex to it but yeah but a gorilla glass 5 action you got pre-installed screen protector on. the redmi note 10 pro as well and then that bundled condom case as well so yeah. if you're the kind of handed constantly dropping their phone or whatever. then no worries and no official ip rating for water resistance on the redmi note 10 pro but that's pretty standard once. you get down the sort of budgeting end anyway anyway. it looks like we've got some juice in that battery already so get. the the redmi note 10 pro all set up and i'll take you on a full on tour. the rest of the hardware in the software oh and good news when. you're slapping your sim inside the vibes. you've got the likes of the google feed when you swipe this way uh. you got your apps tray by default thank christ but you. do also have a few little bits of me ui flair such as for instance. the rejiggered recent apps menu and i really like. that new control center as well which you can get to by swiping down the right side of the screen like so it's 100 cribs from apple. this one but it's the video toolbox is absolutely brilliant you can drag. this out on the screen whenever you're running a supported app. the likes of you can record the screen screenshot and one of the best options is this one player video with the screen off now. this is bloody brilliant if you've got like an audio book or a podcast or something on that you're watching. you want to just like go outside you want to slip your phone in your pocket and continue listening all. you need to do is turn that feature on and if we turn up. the volume you'll see the video is still playing in the background and that game turbo feature is fantastic news for anyone. who likes spattering strangers brains across a virtual wall in the likes of call of duty and pubg as you can see it adds a variety of gaming related features and if you swipe out the little game turbo menu as well. you'll see you've got access to plenty more features besides including the ability to block your calls and notifications and all that good stuff you can record uh your screen as you're blasting people to bits you can open up various apps in a little mini display uh just so for instance.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 ProCamera

if you're trying to look in a fight i was like 14 years old and actually had hair still other features here on the redmi note 10 pro include an edge mounted fingerprint sensor something that's massively back in fashion in 2021 and uh so far just from uh preliminary testing this seems all right of course now it's not gonna do it is it there we go working absolutely fine and the redmi note 10 pro also supports face recognition as well. which again seems to work really well you've got uh rears to wake support and as. you can see the face recognition is nice and nippy and the redmi note 10 pro sports all of the other features. that you would hope for and expect in this kind of smartphone including a bit of nfc action uh. which is great and that's fully google pace certified so you can use. this for the contactless payments and as. you can see they've got 128 gigs of storage on board a fair chunk of that already taken up with apps which were pre-installed although. i have chucked a few of my own on there now but that is still my primary beef with xiaomi smartphones is the fact. that you get so much crap lumped on here likes a tick tock and everything gets installed on there without you even wanting it got sodden facebook ebay all kinds of shenanigans now one of the undoubted highlights of the redmi note 10 pro is that 6.67 inch oled display. it's an amoled panel and i've swapped to a lighter background now so you can see that there's actually pretty skinny bezels surrounding it but it is a perfectly flat display as well which is good news obviously for gamers and the like . now this is a full hd plus panel which means nice crisp fine detail when you're checking out your photo collection. when you're just kicking back and saying it i'm just going to watch a good bit of netflix bit disney plus whatever a while away a merry afternoon because. this is an oled panel you get really deep blacks which means nice sharp contrast you get really poppy colors as well especially when you go into the display settings and bump. the color scheme up to saturated those colors just slap you right in the ruddy chops and on an oled display. that is uh definitely no main feat just look at those freaking iphones. which cost the best part of a grand if not more and still only offer the bog standard 60 hertz and because you've got that oled screen. you've also got the benefit of an always on display feature as well. as you can see.

 Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Processor

there so overall  shoved on a stereo speaker setup so you don't just get. that bottom mounted speaker you also get media pumping out of that top earpiece speaker as well let's just try bumping up. the volume see. what the performance is like launchers or anything like. that this is as close as you'll get to virgin stock android outside of a pixel smartphone and that stereo output is really not bad at all the ep speaker. isn't quite as powerful  either and on that top volume not super super loud and powerful but. it should be all right for just enjoying a bit of netflix whatever. in a  you want to enjoy a bit of music otherwise. you've got the usual bluetooth smarts and all that good stuff as well. let's move on to performance and the redmi note 10 pro is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 732 and the performance. so far here on the redmi note 10 pro seems absolutely fine a few little judders here and there as i'm zipping through android really fast but overall the performance is solid unfortunately xiaomi has put a block on geekbench uh from running because this is pre-release. it hasn't even been launched yet in fact but you can expect similar sort of performance to that poco x3. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Display

which scored pretty well in geekbench 569 for the single core and 1712 for the multi-core however the snapdragon. of years here in blighty well you might want to jump on board with the xiaomi mi 10 t light instead on the battery front. you've got a 5 020 milliamp cell stuffed inside the redmi note 10 pro that 20 milliamps obviously makes all the difference got the usual battery saver and ultra battery saver modes on board as well. but i wouldn't expect you'll need to touch those very often and imagine that this smartphone. should keep you going all day long even if you're making ample use of that camera doing lots of gaming streaming lots of media all the good stuff you've got support for 33 watt fast charging here on the note 10 pro as well which really ain't too bad at the sort of budget to mid-range price point no wireless charging but you generally have to uh bump up your budget to that sort of upper-mid range to get that kind of feature now let's finish off this unboxing of the redmi note 10 pull. with the squint of that quad lens rear camera tech and what you have here is a 108 megapixel primary snapper though of course. it doesn't take photos of that 108 megapixel resolution by default. you'll have to jump into the special ultra high res mode in order to take advantage of that got to see it though the processing speed is pretty nippy even at that ultra high res mode as you can see. there very little uh hanging about waiting for that image to be fully realized you've got the usual set of camera features including xiaomi's ai camera mode as well which can just assess the subject on offer and suggest switching to a different camera mode whenever appropriate and that'll also tweak the uh the camera. effects as well based on what you're actually shooting at any point. you could also swap to the ultra wide angle snapper as well. which as you can see just offers a pulled out view and so far. the color reproduction everything doesn't seem to take too much of a hit. when you're using this one and there's also as you can see a two-time zoom mode as well. but that's not actually using optical zoom that's just a basic digital zoom. note 10 pro instead the final two lenses slapped here on the back or a depth sensor and of course one of those ruddy macro lenses you can swap.a fuzzy shot and frankly with the 108 megapixel primary sensor just take a picture with.


that and then crop in and you've got plenty of other bonus camera modes.get a very precise kind of result and if you scroll on. this way you've got that portrait mode as well. using that depth sensor just to add a nice bokeh style effect behind your subject just to help them really stand. out you've got various cinematic effects you can add so let's add a bit of rainbow action to mr monkey. here oh my goodness that is truly dazzling this one appears to be. the and then if you flick along to more. you've got absolutely tons of other stuff i'm not going to go into everything we've got the lights the night mode which will just help with those low light shots and of course. plenty of video bits as well i'll be fully testing this out for my in-depth review of the redmi note 10 pro anyway. as for the video well when you're using that primary sensor as you can see there defaults to 1080p at 30 frames per second. but you can bump that up to 60fps or stick it all. the way up to ultra high definition 4k at 30fps and you've got some good features in there including the track movement object one which i find is really really good this only works at full hd.
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